Welcome to
Financial Training Associates

We can’t be sure what you think of when someone mentions the words:
“finance course”.
With us you definitely shouldn’t be thinking “lecturing”.
What you should be thinking is “coaching”:

The benefit of coaching

Imagine trying to master another skill instead of attending an Excel Financial Modelling Course (e.g. playing football). Most people wouldn’t want to learn sitting in a lecture where somebody tells everyone about the theory of playing football.

Most people would rather get out there on the pitch in a small team, pass the ball and improve while the coach is running alongside them, observing what each individual is capable of and giving them the most helpful tips as they go.

That’s absolutely our style.

How we are different

We are different: we deliberately cap course numbers at six.

Whatever level you’re at, in very small groups, our trainers’ work alongside you to coach you to the next level. As a result our courses get fabulous reviews.

We don’t know of any other training company that’s confident enough to be so open about all feedback from all programmes. We have hundreds of course reviews listed right here on our site.