The ultimate in personal attention

Small class size is our big thing – we’re switched on to the benefits of that.

Taking that idea to its logical conclusion, we offer one to one coaching.

That way you get the ultimate in personal attention.

Pricing for one-to-one coaching

Our 1-2-1 training is fairly priced relative to a course from one of the more expensive training providers.

For that same budget you get the ultimate in individual attention – just you and a trainer working together.

Reviews from other course delegates who have opted for 1-2-1 coaching

Individuals who have opted for this alternative have provided great feedback about their experiences.

One-to-one coaching: there’s a small catch

This is the catch. We use one to one training to fill up vacant slots in our trainers’ diaries, so it’s not always available.

This is the good news: 1-2-1 training can sometimes be booked at very short notice.

So if you think you might be in a bit of a rush, there’s no harm in making an enquiry to see whether 1-2-1 course training might be available.

Enquire about one-to-one training

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