A course trainer reflects: why do your courses get such strong feedback?

One of our contract trainers reflects on the answer to the question: “Why does your financial modelling course get such strong feedback?” Here’s his answer:

“Because the courses are taught in very small numbers (= individual attention), because the programme is practical in nature (you spend a good proportion of your time actually modelling yourself in Excel) and because we get quality motivated delegates on, I am always surprised at how strongly people rate the programmes – compared to say other programmes I get involved with through other training companies. Remember I work as a contract trainer so I see all sorts!

You can flick through the course review forms. If you click on them you’ll get more detail from people including detailed comments. They’re all on there in date order. None are missing. If you search by client you’ll see the list of companies that have sent people on the programmes. Yes it’s a who’s who of big corporates!”

Feedback for the financial modelling course programs is always strong.