Free online financial modelling course material

We make free training samples available online for you.

Is it crazy to give this stuff away for free? We don’t think so. Sometimes it’s helpful to give potential course delegates a clearer idea of the kind of material they might be covering. We’ve found that it’s also handy to have chunks of training material available online because sometimes we want to refer delegates to it during a training course. Having the training material online means it’s always up to date when people come back and want to look at it after a course.

You’re welcome to work your way through the free training course material. You won’t already be intimately familiar with it though. Sorry but we expect you’ll probably find the whole experience a bit like trying to get your training from Wikipedia. You’ll find it a bit disjointed, it’s not 100% complete, it lacks structure and it’s a bit hard to work through without a friendly someone guiding you along.

That’s where the live taught courses come in.


“Flexible approach”



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Excel formulas

Here you’ll find our curated exhibition of the Excel functions most useful in financial modelling. It’s not all the formulas that Excel has to offer (when you’ve got a spreadsheet open, pressing the insert function keyboard shortcut...
Unleash the power of Excel with VBA macros

Unleash the power of Excel with VBA macros

Here you can see the reviews a team from an international asset management company (based in the West End of London) gave the VBA macros course. Finance staff found themselves continuously having to rearrange source spreadsheets to fit internal reporting demands. We...


“A fantastic start on everything I’d ever hoped to understand” “Flexible approach” “[The trainer] was open to many questions and went out of his way to fit everything in. The building of the 3 statement model was very helpful.” “In...

Excel VBA macros course outline

Download (PDF, 596KB) Read more about the Excel VBA macros course Here you can read more about the VBA macros course.     Excel VBA macros course outline was last modified: May 24th, 2017 by Lois...

VBA macros course outline

This 2 day Excel course is designed for participants who want to discover how to harness the power of VBA and use macros to automate spreadsheet routines. The course assumes familiarity with Excel but no prior knowledge of VBA and serves as a first introduction to...
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