Hannah and Renewable Energy Systems (RES) are intent on making the world a better place with clean renewable energy. Internationally RES has developed a renewable electricity generation portfolio with capacity of around 10GW – equivalent to approximately 15% of the UK’s total. But don’t talk to Hannah about wind mills. They’re not windmills. Windmills are something you grind flour in. You can talk to her about wind turbines or wind farms. That’s OK.

Joining RES after an engineering degree from Oxford, RES obviously regard Hannah as one of their bright young things, regularly transporting her between her home in the UK and RES’s Coloarado office. Hannah works in RES’s strategy team looking at how new technologies could be applied in new markets – so it seems they’ve given her the challenge of taking over America. As you would expect, RES are taking Hannah’s initiatives very seriously, with her team reporting its findings direct to RES’s main board.

Modelling style: data cruncher and cash flow modeller

Hannah is another modeller who sometimes is a data cruncher and sometimes is a cash flow modeller.

Hannah spends part of her time evaluating new technologies and new markets, looking at data for electricity prices and technology costs. In those periods she’s a data cruncher.

At other times Hannah is a cash flow modeller, for example when she’s evaluating whether a new technology can be applied into a new market.

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What was your worst job ever?

“I got to help with an office move. My role was to shred documents, but the shredder could only cope with one page at a time. So I had to feed the shredder sheet by sheet for a week. That one beats my job in the fish and chip shop for worst job ever. Although I came home smelling like a greasy chip at least with that one I got free food. The shredding experience was even worse than the job on a shop floor where they played the same four Christmas songs over and over again. I’ll never forget having to feed that machine one piece of paper at a time. It felt like forever.”

The best thing about your current job?

“Working in strategy and playing an active part in where our company is going.”

The worst thing about your current job?

“The time zone changes: the early mornings and the late nights.”

Best job perk?

“With my work I have managed to live on three continents and visit lots of interesting places.”

Right now RES has Hannah living in Colorado where she says the mountains are beautiful and the weather is sunny all the time.

Best modelling moment?

“I remember inheriting a model with an awful number of #Ref errors, then spending a lot of time staring at it before having to recreate a missing sheet. I got a tremendous amount of satisfaction after that corner was turned.”

“There were a few hard-learned lessons there. Make sure you understand the model you’re looking at before you start to work with it. Make sure your model has a clear structure. Make sure you’ve got some notes in the model explaining the key linkages before passing it on to the next mug which, in that case, was me.”

Any Excel tips?

“Insert > tables is a life changer for me. Excel formats the table and inserts filters and you can sort everything. That’s great for the data crunching part of my job.”

“The formula auditing – I use that a lot. I love a couple of the formula auditing shortcuts: Alt > M > P to trace precedents, then F5 followed by “Enter” to jump back.”

Did you know...

Hannah and other of her colleagues at RES have taken Financial Associates’ modeling courses?

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