Here’s a trick that will help you navigate more quickly around a big spreadsheet. Hide the columns out to the right. Hide the spare rows beyond the bottom. That means you will be able to use “Ctrl” and your arrows to jump quickly around your model. Hiding the spare rows and columns will mean you won’t overshoot each time you use those shortcuts.

Hiding the spare columns

Go out to the far right hand side of your workings. Just beyond the last column press “Ctrl spacebar” to select the column. Then press “Ctrl shift →” to select all the columns out to the right. Then “Shift F10” (on a windows keyboard for opposite mouse click) and press “H” to hide.

Hiding the spare rows

Go to the bottom just past your bottom row. Press “Shift spacebar” to select the row. Then “Ctrl shift ↓” to select all the rows at the bottom. “Shift F10” then “H” to hide. The final result should look something like this:

Hide rows and columns in Excel

From now on you’ll be able to use “Ctrl” with your keyboard arrows ↑, ↓, →, ← to dart around your spreadsheet, never overshooting. We think that setting yourself up to navigate using “Ctrl” and your arrows is one of the best Excel shortcuts there is!

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