Recently in our blog posts we’ve looked at how to save an Excel template that opens up on your machine as soon as you fire up Excel. That template could contain some simple in-house style rules that help make your models look as professional as possible.

Add some graphs to your Excel template

Here’s an idea. What you could do is add some standard graphs to your template. Those standard graphs (with their colours and formatting) will be available to you inside the template whenever you open up Excel. All you will have to do is change the key numbers. Remember it’s really easy to save your Excel template.

Save a waterfall chart template

Saving graphs as their own template

Of course, you can save some graphs as an Excel template as described above. But you could also save a standard graph as a chart template all of its own. That’s really easy as well. To save a chart you love as a template of its own, first select the graph you want to save. Under “Chart Tools” and “Type” select “Save As Template”.

Save a chart as an Excel template

Download the chart templates

You can download the Excel template we’ve been using here (graphs and all) if you click on one of the pictures. Follow these instructions to save the Excel template (with its graphs in place). Alternatively follow the instructions in the paragraph immediately above to save one of the charts as a template all of its own.

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