Financial markets have been in a state of flux.  Who has been involved?  What have been the roles of key institutions?  Who has won?  Who has lost?  What are the implications right now?

Our banking training courses provide an opportunity to understand exactly what key financial institutions do, how they have made money in the past and how trends are moving right now.

Our courses in this area are relevant, meaningful and fun, providing a great opportunity for course delegates to get answers to questions they might be reluctant to ask in other settings.

Banking course overview

This interactive and exercise-based course is targeted at delegates of varying backgrounds, providing them with a thorough and effective introduction to finance and banking markets.

The course has been designed to cover a wide range of products and issues impacting international financial markets.  The course explains, without undue complexity, exactly how the international capital markets work, the relationships between key players and the key features of both corporate and investment banking.

The course provides a supportive and non-threatening environment where delegates are free to pose questions they might otherwise feel reluctant to ask.   A key outcome for the course is exploring and understanding causes, events and implications of recent financial crises.

Finance markets training course outline

For an example training program please see the outline for Financial Training Associates’ banking and finance course.

Here you can download the online finance and banking course outline.


Banking course training provided inside your company


Financial Training Associates’ banking programs are only offered for delivery inside your company. If your company has a group of 3-4 employees who are interested in a banking course, in-company training will prove cost-effective.


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