Technical analysis and trading

This course familiarises participants with principal charting theories.  With a particular emphasis on bar charting, the program investigates in detail the practical application of technical analysis to trading.

Course methodology

This is a highly practical and interactive course.  Historic data from a wide variety of markets is used, allowing course delegates to search for patterns across multiple time-horizons.  Participants explore particular trading scenarios, examining how trading unfolds day by day.  Towards the end of the course historic trading data is then replaced by real time prices.

All through the course delegates are encouraged to discuss and debate current trading possibilities in major world markets.  This practical work is designed to help students improve their trading decisions and performance over time.

Case work on the technical analysis training course

All through the course practical exercises encourage participants to take a self-critical approach, developing the discipline required to discover and exploit trading opportunities.

Past delegates on the technical analysis training course

This course is designed to appeal to staff who work in, or have an interest in, trading.  Past participants on this training program have included risk managers, day traders, fund managers, proprietary dealers, back office analysts and managers, market makers and arbitrageurs.

Technical analysis and trading – course outline – 3 days

Please click here to see a full outline for the technical analysis course.

Here you can download the online technical trading course outline.


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