Investment appraisal in Excel (free)

Financial Training Associates makes a small sample of its modelling course material available online free of charge.  The course material below gives delegates the opportunity to look at the correct use of Excel in modelling investment appraisal (= Excel financial maths).  The exercises provide an overview of the correct way to discount cash flows (DCF), calculate net present value (NPV) and calculate internal rate of return (IRR) when modelling in Excel.  Most importantly, the material shows delegates how to avoid the major pitfalls when applying Excel’s investment appraisal formulas in financial modelling.

Example financial modelling course material – investment appraisal

The material is lodged here because it is useful pre-work for course delegates who wish to refresh their knowledge of investment appraisal prior to attending a financial modelling course.  Unless specifically requested by a client, it is not generally covered on Financial Training Associates’ taught courses.

  • Introduction: using investment appraisal formulas in Excel financial modelling: course intro
  • Using Excel when compounding interest in a financial model
  • Calculating DCF (discounted cash flows) when financial modelling
  • Calculating NPV (net present value) in financial modelling
  • Modelling financial returns in Excel: IRR
  • Solving for IRR by iterating using Excel’s “goal seek” function
  • Using Excel’s IRR formula in financial modelling
  • Excel’s formula for XIRR
  • Excel’s XNPV formula
  • Module conclusion and course summary.

If you are familiar with the material, you can test your knowledge by sitting the online course quiz.

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