Our financial modelling course – 3 days

This, our best-attended Excel Financial Modelling Course, is designed as a first program for people who would like an opportunity to improve their ability to model cash flows.

The course is conducted in a work shop format, with the emphasis on “learning by doing”.

During the course delegates work in teams to conduct financial modelling work from scratch.

Financial modelling course extracts

Free online extracts from the financial modelling course

We have made some extracts from our course training available for free.

These course extracts give delegates the opportunity to look at the correct use of Excel in modelling investment appraisal (= Excel financial maths), the application of Excel formulas in modelling, together with Excel shortcuts.

Taught by an experienced corporate finance adviser, this is a highly practical course that explores the application of financial modelling to real-life transactions. The course methodology is well proven and regularly receives excellent feedback from corporate and banking institutions, and other participants.

Case work on the Excel modelling course

Case work on the financial modelling course

As part of their work on this course delegates work with their colleagues to conduct their own integrated financial statement modelling, using an interesting case study chosen before training by class participants.
Starting from a blank Excel spreadsheet, delegates create a full set of forecast financial statements for the business.
Delegates can then choose a modelling scenario to see how the business performs under stress and, for example, how key financial ratios and bank covenant tests change with a change in circumstances.
Delegates are guided through a complete Excel financial model build up and are shown all the steps they need to take. Throughout modelling conducted on the course plenty of guidance and help is given by the instructor.

Exploring good Excel modelling practice on the course

Good modelling practice

During the course delegates work to create their own models, establishing and observing spreadsheeting best practice as they progress. Good financial modelling techniques are observed throughout the course, discussed in groups and demonstrated during the program.

A relevant financial modelling case study, unique to the course and fresh for the training group

Case study training

Right from the start of the training course delegates form teams and select their own case study, a business that is of interest to them and relevant to their work.

An emphasis on practical Excel modelling group work, and learning by doing

Learning by doing

On day one of the course delegates work quickly to develop key linkages within financial statements, and produce key calculations in their model. Participants work in groups, sharing their experiences with each other and the course tutor.
Just like they might be required to in their jobs, delegates make rapid progress towards building up a core financial model for the case business from scratch.
As the course progresses into days two and three course delegates continue to practise and improve their skills, considering more advanced financial modelling topics.

Excel financial modelling help

Excel help

Early on in the course delegates are surveyed and provided with the opportunity to ask for help with particular Excel functions. During the remainder of the programme, and as delegates continue to work on their financial models, these functions are demonstrated in class (supplemented with a set of spreadsheet exercises which the class works through together).

The three days is designed to provide courses participants with the tools they need to continue with their own financial modelling efforts as they return to their workplace. At the end of the course participants will have a record of their own work and a permanent record of the steps they have taken to create their own financial forecast. The course covers:

  • Cash flow modelling
  • Determining debt capacity
  • Developing key outputs for credit analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Guidelines for good modelling practice
  • Excel modelling tips and tricks.

You can see the full outline for the financial modelling course

Financial modelling course outline

You can see what delegates have said about their course with us

Course reviews

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This course is running in central London over 3 days.

You can access past feedback here: course reviews.

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