Data validation

Data validation looks very similar to the combo boxes from a previous lesson. In that earlier course lesson we have an example where we use combo boxes to run scenarios in an imaginary model.

Combo boxes

Sometimes you’ll see people running their scenarios with data validation. Actually data validation was designed to force spreadsheet users to enter a particular value within a set range (e.g. if you had a spreadsheet collecting up ages you wouldn’t want a user to enter -50 or 165 by accident), but you often see people using data validation to run scenarios in a model. That results in the potential for Excel confusion: two different features that look very similar and can be used to do the same thing.

Running scenarios with data validation

In our lesson on data validation you will find that there are some very clear reasons why we prefer combo boxes for running scenarios but, to be complete, we think we should include a quick lesson on data validation.

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