3D referencing

3D referencing is a cool trick in Excel.

Imagine you had a number of subsidiaries you wanted to consolidate up. Imagine you had thought ahead and had placed each subsidiary’s numbers on a separate tab using exactly the same struture for each. Now it’s time to insert a new tab at the front that adds together all the results from all the subsidiaries. Of course you could start creating a formula that looked a bit like this: “=’Sub1′!A1+’Sub2′!A1+’Sub3′!A1”. But with 3D referncing there’s a better way that will mean you don’t have to re-do all your formulas if Sub2 disappears.

What we’re talking about is kind of like the difference (when you’re adding up within one tab) between “=A1+A2+A3” and “=SUM(A1:A3)”. With the first formula your model will get screwed up with a #REF! error if you delete cell A2. The second formula adapts. 3D referencing is kind of like that but across tabs. 3D referencing adapts when you’re adding across tabs.

3D referencing

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