Excel’s TRUE/ FALSE checks

This course lesson is all about the usefulness of TRUE/ FALSE checks in Excel.

Did you know that you can extract the simple logic test from an If formula (= the first box in the “Shift” “F3” insert formula dialog) and that it stands alone?

The logic test from the If formula

You can happily compare two results in Excel and get a TRUE or FALSE result delivered into your spreadsheet. This is a small tip for creating super-quick checks in a model – making sure an output matches expectation.

But with this lesson you may start appreciating that you can happily multiply a number by one of those logic tests.

If formula shortcut

All this means that we’ve got a shortcut on the standard If function – often you’ll see advanced modellers using those and multipling a number by a logic test as a shortcut.

If this idea is new to you, after this course lesson you may end up taking a pledge never to use a full If function again!

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