The watch window

Here’s a simple idea. Create a ‘locked’ area in your spreadsheet for key results. Go e.g. into cell C4 and go “View”, “Window”, “Freeze Panes”. Now cells A1:B3 always stay in view as you scroll down or and across your huge spreadsheet.

If you stick your key results in that area you’ll be able to see the impact of any changes you make in your model. You’ll get quick notice if you delete something critical and your model falls over with #REF! errors.

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Excel’s watch window could help you keep key results in view while you work on a model. The cool thing about the watch window is that it floats over the top of your model and you can shut it down when you want to. You can bring up the watch window so that it only displays when you are making changes to your model. You can find out all about it on our Excel formulas course.