Goal seek

At the start of the course we make sure just a very few things are in your Excel toolkit, perhaps making sure you have the minimum at your fingertips you need to survive.

At the moment we’ve put in there “Shift” “F3” for insert formula. As the pathway to all Excel’s formulas that’s a massive resource for you.

Beyond that you might want Excel’s general help which you can access using the “F1” keyboard shortcut.

We also quickly put in the If formula and a data picking solution such as the Vlookup formula.

Goal seek also goes in the financial modelling survival toolkit

In our next course lesson we make goal seek the next item in your Excel formulas survival toolkit.

The reason goal seek’s in there is because, so often in Excel modelling, we want to iterate with a model – looking at the impact of a key input on a key result. Goal seek is a neat powerful tool that helps speed up that process and you must make sure you are confident with it. We think you should be using it regularly.