Excel macros

We’ve got a whole separate course on Excel macros for you. But, if you haven’t seen macros before, we’re happy to get you started on our financial modelling formulas course.

A macro acts like a tape recorder. You start your macro recording while you work in Excel. In the background computer code will be recorded which takes note of your every move.

Recording an Excel routine could be helpful if you find yourself continually repeating the same actions in Excel. An example would be regularly dumping out management information from internal systems and having to manipulate the data each time into your company’s standard format.

Maybe you’re starting to feel like a performing monkey doing the same old tricks. Maybe you’re getting paid bananas. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to record your regular Excel routine and play it back at the touch of the button? Meanwhile you could at least sit back and at take a bite of your banana. It’ll only be one bite you get though sorry because that’s probably how quickly the routine will play back now you’ve used a macro to automate it.

Find out about macros on the Excel modelling course

On our Excel formulas course we’ve got a lesson waiting that gets you started on macros. But it’s a big subject so it’s only the briefest of introductions on that course. If you’re interested we have have a lot more for you on macros.