Max formula

Sometimes people coming on our training have seen Max and Min formulas at work in other people’s models. Really what’s happening is that the model is most likely using those formulas as an alternative to the standard If function, simply because they’re sometimes a shorter/ neater solution.

On our course we’ve got an example of Max and Min formulas doing the work of (and shortcutting) the regular If formula.

Looking at the example we have you’ll notice that we’ve actually got two shorter neater alternatives to the standard If formula. We’ve got the Max/ Min alternative. But we’ve also got the option of extracting out Excel’s TRUE/ FALSE logic test from an If formula and multiplying a number by that result.

max formula

If you’re OK about using those alternatives (on the basis that they result in a shorter neater solution) then you’re looking like a total pro modeller.

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With this Excel formulas lesson we make sure you’re comfortable with the option of using Max and Min. We’ve got a simple example for you where you can see the three choices working side by side doing the same job. Getting comfortable with those shorter neater alternatives reveals that we’re dealing with an advanced financial modelling practitioner (you)!