Round formula

In this lesson we look at Excel’s Round formula.

Sometimes in your modelling if you’re comparing an output value against expectation (e.g. using TRUE/ FALSE checks) an error can trigger when the two numbers differ only to a decimal point somewhere a long way out on the right hand side.

That’s annoying but Round gets around (did you notice what we did there?) that problem.

Round can also be helpful when you have to manage obsessive-compulsive bosses or clients – the sort that might not appreciate the intricacies of how Excel stores numbers and would get overly-anxious seeing e.g. 1.5+2.4=3.8 in a spreadsheet (“Don’t you guys know how to add up?”). You can use Round to help those poor people.

Excel's Round formula

Round is an easy one, but we apply it all the time to key error checks and sometimes to key output tables.

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