Key linkages in accounts: case study

This case study is designed to help you understand the main transactions you would see in any business. It’s a slightly flippant example – but it gives you a chance to understand how key transactions flow through any set of company accounts.

If you haven’t spent much time working with accounts, it’s hard to complete this exercise without a tutor’s guidance. As an alternative, try finding a friend who has more accounts training than you, and working through it together.

It’s a reasonably tough exercise (even for rusty accountants who, depending on their job, don’t have to think about this stuff every day) but if you follow it through carefully, you will have improved your understanding of company accounts.

Finance for non-financial managers online course exam

Download an Excel spreadsheet containing model answers

If you would like more detail on how the answers to the questions have been calculated, please click here to download the Excel spreadsheet: linkages in financial accounts.

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