Loan restructuring

Lack of market liquidity, combined with poor business performance, has the potential to push a company into a dramatic loan restructuring and workout, as company management urgently seek solutions to imminent financing requirements.  Finance professionals suddenly find themselves on the restructuring front line.  The key to survival in this environment is recognising potential problems, being proactive, and dealing with underlying issues in a loan portfolio prior to events of default.  Anticipating potential issues and finding the right solution is absolutely crucial.  In times of crisis there will be losers but also winners who anticipate and capitalise on opportunity, ensuring that their loan portfolio rebounds and goes on to prosper.

Our loan restructuring courses equip delegates to recognise the early warning signs, identify the companies that can be returned to viability (as against those that should be liquidated), understand and evaluate loan work out and restructuring options, structure debt and repayment profiles, minimise risk, analyse the implications for cash flow and secure ongoing returns.

Overview of the loan restructuring course

This training course provides delegates with the opportunity to learn how to identify early warning signals and restructure bad loans. The course covers:

  • The core concepts surrounding loan defaults
  • Workouts and restructurings, including early warning signals
  • What to do when faced with a default
  • Legal options
  • Designing remedial plans
  • Evaluating restructuring alternatives
  • Inter-creditor issues
  • Valuing distressed assets
  • Enforcing security.

On this course group work and real-life case studies provide the opportunity for delegates to put their knowledge into practice immediately.

Loan restructuring course outline

For a full outline please see Financial Training Associates’ loan restructuring course program.

Here you can download the online loan restructuring course outline.


A loan restructuring course for your company


Financial Training Associates’ loan restructuring programs are only offered for delivery inside your company. If your firm has a group of 3-4 employees who are interested in a loan restructuring course, in-company training will prove cost-effective.


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