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Great course reviews

We religiously collect up formal paper feedback forms from every single delegate at the end of each of our programs.  Very occasionally we get someone who has found themselves on the wrong course.  That’s disappointing, but it hasn’t happened for a while now.

100% recommendation rate

The reviews are so good we’ve decided we have nothing to lose by reproducing them and making them all available here.  Looking at all the results from all the courses we’ve run over the last half year, every single delegate has said they would recommend a course from us.  Yes folks – that’s a 100% recommendation rate!

Past course reviews are all available to you

You’re free to go through all the feedback forms yourself. There are some great stories there, including reviews of our modelling teaching on Cambridge’s Master of Finance programme. All of the reviews are available for you – even the ‘bad’ ones (although it’s a challenge to find one).  Delegates’ feedback is all listed on our site allowing you to flick through every individual review from our financial training courses.

We don’t know of any other financial training company that’s brave enough to be so completely open about the results it gets.