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No cancellation policy

It’s going to happen.  One day we’ll have a trainer who (heaven forbid) breaks a leg.

We’ve never cancelled a course

We’ve never cancelled a course yet though.  The day we have to cancel will be seriously traumatic for all concerned.

Other training companies will try to run new courses and then regularly cancel them if not enough people are booked on.  It’s horrible but true.  We know competitors do this because we’ve had delegates come to us after they’ve been jilted by another training company – sometimes twice in a row.  And that’s probably after making accommodation arrangements, booking air travel and gaining a visa.

We’re committed to you

We’re committed to the promises we’ve made to our course delegates and we run plenty of courses with few people on, even if we don’t make much money at all on that particular run.  That’s us playing a long game and building our reputation.

We don’t cancel if course numbers are low.