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Our trainers rock

We love our trainers.  We’ve already mentioned that the work they do is continuously benchmarked amongst all our clients and all the people they train for us.

Our trainers are proven

Part of the reason we know our trainers are good is that they do work for other training companies as well.  Talk to them about it when you meet them.  They’re all tried and tested in the industry and have done work for other training companies you’ll recognise.

Our trainers love working on the programs we run

All of our trainers have some great stories about the work they’ve done for other training companies.  They’ve all got a few 20-people-no-air-conditioning concrete-bunker-almost-in-a-war-zone paid-in-a-brown-envelope type stories.  None of those stories have been generated while working for us through. Our trainers prefer to work for us because they get to work with very small class sizes, our programs attract bright able motivated delegates and we’re nice to them (we do incredibly outrageous things like pay them on time).

On your course you’ll get a trainer we know is proven across our industry

We love our trainers and we’re glad that they love working with us.  But we’re also glad they do work for other training companies.

It means we get to hand pick the very best trainers for you – you get a tutor and a program that have been widely tested and proven amongst other big companies. The last thing we’d want to do is put trainers on a full-time salary just with us.  Then we’d feel obliged to force them to run any old program in any old subject area just to keep them busy and offset their salary costs.  You wouldn’t want to find yourself on one of those programs (can you tell – we’ve really thought this through?). Contract trainers are great.  It enables us to pick the very best trainer for your course.

You’re definitely going to get a trainer proven with us and with other big training companies.