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Star trainers

Our trainers are awesome.  They love working for us, primarily because they get to teach very small class sizes on programmes that attract motivated able course delegates.

We get to pick from the very best trainers

Providing the ideal training environment means we get the pick of the best trainers out there.  They are all experienced and accomplished teachers, but always bring a track record in the work place as well as a few war stories.  Our trainers are very special people.  We select them very carefully and monitor their results extremely closely.

Our trainers’ work is continuously benchmarked and monitored

Our trainers know they’re working as part of a recipe that delivers great learning outcomes and that means they are expecting that they can make magic happen in our training rooms.  You may also start to feel a little bit sorry for them (we wouldn’t blame you).  Their training work is continuously benchmarked by the smart delegates they train from all kinds of big companies and on top-quality programmes (such as Cambridge University’s Master of Finance).  The feedback we regularly get  about our trainers’ performance means they always have to be at the top of their game.  But our people are up for that kind of challenge.  They laugh in the face of pressure (heh heh heh).

Our trainers deliver fabulous results

We love our trainers and we think you could probably fall in love with them too: they’re responsible for the great reviews from our financial training courses.