Valuation course

This training course provides participants with a comprehensive review of company valuation, the main techniques and their inter-relationships.

The review covers topics including obtaining raw data for valuation, “cleaning” source numbers, defining and calculating firm value (enterprise vs. equity value), calculating reference multiples, and applying multiples to target company valuation.

Just like they might have to in their jobs, delegates start just with a set of publicly available accounts for the company they are interested in valuing. During the course delegates:

  • Use publicly available accounts to calculate recurring underlying earnings for their target company
  • Determine comparable businesses that might form part of the target’s peer group and source information relating to those other businesses
  • Calculate an appropriate series of valuation multiples for the target business using publicly available data
  • Learn how to work from equity to enterprise value and back again
  • Conduct a valuation for their target business.

Detailed case study work for the company valuation course

Valuation course case work

On this course participants practise modelling valuation for a target company using both DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and comparable/ relative/ multiple-based methods.

The course is punctuated with detailed case work and exercises, frequent opportunity for discussion as well as “hands on” application of the principles introduced on the course.

By the end of the valuation course delegates will have practised:

    • “Cleaning” source numbers
    • Defining and calculating firm value (enterprise vs. equity value)
    • Calculating reference multiples, and applying multiples to target company valuation
    • Using Excel to build their own DCF model
    • Conducting multiple/ comparable company analysis for their own case study.

This course is particularly suitable for someone who thinks they may have to use a model to value a company or decide whether an investment should go ahead.

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Valuation training

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