Excel VBA macros course

This course takes you to the next level with your spreadsheet work, discovering the power of the VBA code behind Excel.

If you’ve ever found yourself regularly performing some kind of repetitive task in Excel, VBA could help you. With VBA macros you can automate your routines in Excel, replaying them automatically at the press of a button. VBA macros allow you to speed up your work and your analysis.

Perhaps, with your Excel work, you almost enjoy the feeling you get when all the pieces of the puzzle start fitting together and the results you want are suddenly appearing. If that’s you, you’re bound to enjoy problem-solving and turbo-charging Excel with VBA macros.

This course serves as an introduction to VBA macros and is designed to get you to the next level with Excel. If you’re already a bit of an Excel fan, as an introduction to coding and the ability to ‘power up’ your spreadsheets with VBA macros, this is the course for you.

This is a very practical course. You’ll be working alongside the course tutor creating computer code, solving real-life coding problems, creating routines from scratch, watching your code break (just like it does in real life), fixing your programs and probably cheering when you start getting the results you want.

The course is taught in a friendly workshop environment (numbers on this course are kept extremely low to guarantee personal attention). We deliberately foster a supportive environment where you’re guaranteed the tutor’s attention as you tackle VBA programming probably for the first time.

During the two days you’ll:

  • Use Excel’s macro recorder and by-pass the need to know lots of computer code, creating your own code snippets with the recorder and assembling them to solve real-life problems
  • Add VBA’s own in-built graphical dialog boxes to guide users, solicit inputs, notify users of key program milestones and make your routines more user-friendly
  • Apply the power of macro loops and other key additional Excel functionality that is only available to you in VBA, speeding up processing times
  • Learn how to create your own totally customised visual dialog boxes
  • Create your own new routines from scratch, applying everything you’ve been learning about VBA macros, running sophisticated new macros of your own at the press of a button now newly-embedded in your spreadsheet
  • Become be more confident about your ability to create VBA code and add functionality to your Excel spreadsheets.

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Excel VBA macros course outline

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