Excel financial modelling keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way of helping you work more quickly in Excel. Our financial modelling course delegates love them! Instead of using your mouse to complete an action in Excel, with shortcuts you complete the same action by pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts can help you become faster in Excel. With practice, pressing a combination of buttons on your keyboard can be quicker than dragging and clicking with a mouse. Also, if you are spending a lot of time modelling in Excel, you will find keyboard shortcuts easier on your fingers and wrists than the repeated use of a mouse.

Why people like Excel keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can help you work faster in Excel, and they can help with the strain that comes from repetitive mouse movements. In some work environments, perhaps within a large financial institution that has groups of analysts spending most of their days modelling, using Excel keyboard shortcuts is common. In such environments a knowledge of keyboard shortcuts is expected. An analyst with any kind of Excel modelling experience would be expected to have a knowledge of keyboard shortcuts. A staff member without a good knowledge of shortcuts wouldn’t be seen as an experienced or able modeller. This makes obtaining a knowledge of Excel keyboard shortcuts important for analysts in some environments.

Common keyboard shortcuts

Financial Training Associates makes certain free training course extracts available online without charge. This financial modelling course extract details common Excel keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts: there are so many!

The above is only a small sample of keyboard shortcuts available in Excel. There are many hundreds of other keyboard shortcuts that could be of use to you. And shortcuts can change as Microsoft brings out new versions of Excel.

Training keyboard shortcuts

It’s difficult to train and learn Excel keyboard shortcuts because it’s hard to know which shortcuts are likely to be helpful to you. Apart from it being hard to know in advance which Excel keyboard shortcuts are likely to be useful, at first it’s slow and hard to force yourself to learn. At first, a manual combination of keyboard presses is going to feel awkward compared to using the mouse you’re already familiar with. Initially, the combination of keyboard strokes is not going to feel like much of a shortcut at all. Learning Excel keyboard shortcuts is a bit like learning to touch type or play the piano. At first you have to force yourself to learn keyboard shortcuts, and there’s going to be a fair bit of pain before you see any gain.

Download Excel keyboard shortcuts

Here you can download a handy reference keyboard shortcuts pdf list (in easy to print, fold and store form – it contains the sample of shortcuts in this section of our website); or you can download a spreadsheet containing our sample list of helpful Excel keyboard shortcuts.

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The course extract starts by looking at Excel keyboard shortcuts which help navigate Excel data.