Copy, cut, paste and save Excel data

This set of keyboard shortcuts helps you with copying and pasting data within Excel.

Copy and paste Excel keyboard shortcuts: “Ctrl C” and “Ctrl V”

“Ctrl V” is the keyboard shortcut for pasting data within Excel. If you wish to use the “paste special” function, the Excel keyboard shortcut you need is “Ctrl Alt V”. This will help you with, for example, pasting values (although, after copying, a judicious right mouse click = “Shift F10” will do just as well).

“Ctrl C” is the keyboard shortcut for copying data within Excel.

The “cut” Excel keyboard shortcut: “Ctrl X”

If you want to cut data within Excel, the keyboard shortcut you need is “Ctrl X”.

Excel keyboard shortcuts to fill data: “Ctrl R” and “Ctrl D”

To fill across right, select the Excel formula you want to fill, together with the area to the right of the cell that you want to fill into. The keyboard shortcut you need to fill right is “Ctrl R”. You can apply this keyboard shortcut to a single Excel cell, or to a column of Excel cells that you want to fill right.

To fill down, the shortcut you need is “Ctrl D”.

Other Excel shortcuts helpful e.g. for saving in financial modelling

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