Excel financial modelling functions

Learn all about the Excel shortcuts and formulas that people find most helpful in financial modelling.

Learn Excel financial modelling functions in 10 minutes a day for a month

This course introduces you to the Excel formulas delegates on our financial modelling course training find the most helpful and useful of all.

The material is extracted from our regular course training and is well proven with other people working in financial modelling.

Excel has hundreds of functions on offer. That can present a bit of a challenge: you need to become fluent in the formulas that are going to be most helpful in financial modelling. We think that, in just ten minutes a day over a month, we can check that you’re on top of critical Excel financial modelling functions. And we’re happy to help you with that for free!

Expertise in just 10 minutes a day

What we’ve got for you is a series of quick notes on functions that other financial modellers find useful. By giving yourself a tiny “Excel workout” each day, you can check that you’re toned up and fighting fit for your financial modelling work.

Bite sized course lessons delivered over a month

We’ve tried to structure this as bite-sized learning manageable for busy finance executives. By quickly checking through one example a day in just one month we think you’ll be able to make sure you’re completely up the curve on the most important formulas regularly used in financial modelling.

The Excel formulas you need for financial modelling

While you’ve got a spreadsheet open try pressing the “Shift” “F3” keyboard shortcut to bring up the insert function dialog box. Start scrolling through the list of Excel formulas there and you may start to realise what you’re up against: there are hundreds of formulas you could potentially make use of.

Perhaps the challenge, amongst the awesome depths of Excel’s functionality, is deciding which formulas are going to be the most useful and which you really need to take the time to become an expert in.

Of course we’re out all the time training and answering people’s financial modelling questions. So we think we’ve got a great (intelligently curated) list of functions that other people working in financial modelling regularly see used, want to know more about and find the most helpful.

That list of formulas stretches to about 30 and we’ve put together some notes and examples for each. To make this all manageable and a bit more palatable, we’re very happy to email you out one lesson a day. Of course some of the functions you’ll already know about and be able to skip, but in the process you’ll have benchmarked your expertise against all the other financial modelling practitioners strutting their stuff out there.

So, with probably only around 10 minutes of your time a day over four or so weeks, we think we can make sure you’re an expert on all the Excel formulas you need for financial modelling!

For free?

All this for free?

Live course training is what we do. But we want as many people as possible to know something about us. That’s why we make some of our training material available for free. We figure that, if you were thinking of going to to a rock concert, you might want to hear some of the music first. If you’d rather have this material covered live, with assistance provided by a friendly expert trainer (= one of our Excel training rock gods), this is the course you need: financial modelling masterclass.

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