Excel hyperlinks

Cell hyperlinks are really quick and easy to create in Excel.

Creating cell hyperlinks

To create a cell hyperlink, find the “Insert” tab in Excel. Under “Links” select “Hyperlink”. A box will pop up – see the picture below which illustrates the settings you will need to use (“text to display” and “cell reference” are the key ones). You can download the example here: Excel hyperlinks, or click on the picture:

Image showing how to create an Excel hyperlink

Creating a hyperlink button

It’s really easy to create a button that contains a hyperlink. First you need to draw the button – it’s just a regular drawing shape you need. This is a different button than the ones you can create on the developer tab (see the section on “other forms“).

To draw a rectangle-shaped button, on the “Insert” tab, under “Illustrations” click on “Shapes” and then “Rectangle”. After you’ve drawn the rectangle, right mouse click on it and straight away you’ll find you have the option to add a hyperlink. It’s that easy.

Modelling with Excel cell names

You’ll find analysts using Excel names more often than hyperlinks for navigating around financial models. You can find out more about that here: naming cells in an Excel model.

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