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Sometimes in financial modelling you want to keep a key result or error check in view while you are working.  Perhaps you want to keep an eye on a balance sheet error check, or a key financial ratio while you are modelling.  Perhaps you want to make sure that no step you take ruins your financial model.  Perhaps you want to look at the impact of changing your inputs on a key output.

Financial modelling – the simple solution

The simplest solution is to ‘lock’ a small area in your spreadsheet by freezing panes, and link that part of the financial model to the key error check or output.

The use of Excel’s watch window in financial modelling

Excel’s watch window can also be helpful though.  Once the watch window is active, it ‘floats’ on top of the spreadsheet and is always in view.  You can turn the watch window off and then turn it on again when you are making changes to the model that might affect key checks or outputs.  If you combine the watch window with naming cells, you can make it even more useful to you.

An alternative: Excel’s camera function

An alternative is Excel’s camera function.  Download the Excel spreadsheet: watch window for detailed instructions, and to see all three alternatives in action.

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