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Financial Training Associates’ Ltd is a provider of accountancy, finance and law CPD courses.

CPD training subjects

Popular subject areas include FTA’s:

About FTA Ltd’s CPD points courses

FTA’s CPD courses are rigorous, commercially relevant and up to the minute. On training courses delegate interaction, discussion and case-related problem solving are all key components of learning.  FTA only uses experienced trainers who have a professional track record aside from their training work. Trainers are happy to tell a few salient “war stories” and are instantly credible with their audiences.  Their job is to make learning interesting – and fun!

About CPD points requirements

CPD is mandatory for members of a range of legal, accounting and other professional bodies. To find out more about CPD points requirements for law and accountancy please see:

Tailored in-house CPD courses for Law Society and ACCA members

FTA Ltd offers an extensive range of introductory, intermediate and specialist courses which can be delivered at a location to suit.   Courses are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure they take account of latest developments.   FTA can tailor any CPD course to meet your needs and is happy to provide completely bespoke training solutions.  FTA Ltd is accredited with the SRA as a CPD training provider for the legal profession (CPD reference number DQQ/FTAL).  We are very interested in receiving enquiries about running a training course for a small group of your company’s employees.  To make an enquiry please use our company contact details, available at the top right of the main navigation.

Free CPD training from FTA Ltd

Financial Training Associates makes a certain proportion of free training course material available without charge online.  FTA’s online CPD training course material is not explicitly accredited for CPD points with any particular professional body.