CPD requirements are compulsory for all ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) members, including those who are semi-retired or work part-time, practising certificate holders and those with insolvency licences. ACCA members are expected to perform their own “gap analysis”: evaluating their current skills, identifying knowledge gaps and then considering how best to meet their need for CPD training courses.


ACCA members are required to complete 40 CPD units each year, where 1 unit equals 1 hour of training. 21 units need to be verifiable, including participation in formal CPD training courses. The remaining units can be non-verifiable e.g. general business reading, technical writing and reviewing other material that aids learning.

CPD courses for ACCA members

For further details regarding ACCA CPD courses please see our list of financial training courses.

CPD requirements for professions

To return to details of professional training course requirements please see our section on CPD courses, which deals with requirements for accounting (ICAS, CIMA, CIPFA as well as law CPD.

Free CPD course training

Financial Training Associates makes a certain proportion of course material available without charge online. You can access free CPD training material online here: free training.