CIMA CPD requirements


The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ (CIMA’s) CPD scheme requires members to:

  • “Define” the skills needed for their work role;
  • “Assess” development needs and desired outcomes;
  • “Design” and implement their own CPD training programme;
  • “Reflect” on what they have learned through their CPD training;
  • “Evaluate” what further development needs they have.

The role of CPD Courses for CIMA members

CIMA members can choose from a range of CPD media including work-based learning, internal and external CPD training courses, attending conferences and events and online training.

CIMA CPD hours

It is the responsibility of CIMA members to assess their development goals and needs, select the most appropriate activities and design their CPD programs accordingly.  CIMA members are keep an annual record of training activities. These training records are periodically inspected by CIMA.

CPD requirements for professions

To return to details of professional training course requirements please see our section on CPD, which deals with requirements for accounting (ICAS, CIMA, CIPFA and ACCA CPD)  as well as law CPD.

Free CPD course training

Financial Training Associates makes a certain proportion of course material available without charge online. You can access free CPD training material online here: free training.