ICAEW CPD requirements


According to the ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), CPD is designed to help develop and maintain members’ expertise throughout their careers.  ICAEW CPD is compulsory for:

  • All members who do any accountancy-related work;
  • All members who do any other non-accountancy related work for reward;
  • All members who act as a trustee or corporate director or who perform any role which carries with it similar financial or legal responsibilities.

The role of CPD courses for ICAEW members

The ICAEW requires all members to:

  • Consider what CPD training is required to help them in their work;
  • Undertake appropriate CPD course training that will enable them to meet their training needs;
  • Consider the impact of the CPD training activities they have undertaken, and whether those activities have met their training needs.


In November each year, ICAEW members are required to confirm that they have complied with CPD requirements.  There is no requirement to achieve a certain number of CPD hours or points. There is no formal requirement to attend a certain number of courses or seminars.

CPD requirements for professions

To return to details of professional training course requirements please see our section on CPD, which deals with requirements for accounting (ICAS, CIMA, CIPFA and ACCA CPD)  as well as law CPD.

Free CPD course training

Financial Training Associates makes a certain proportion of course material available without charge online. You can access free CPD training material online here: free training.