ICAS CPD requirements

ICAS CPD logoICAS (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland) has moved away from a prescriptive approach for CPD to one that focuses on individual professional responsibility, recognising that not all professional development activities should or can be measured in hours.

The role of CPD courses for ICAS members

A key principle behind ICAS’ CPD framework is that responsibility for determining which CPD activities to undertake rests with the individual ICAS member.  Members are granted the responsibility of assessing which CPD activities are most relevant to their role and judging the learning outcomes.  An ICAS member might want to undertake a range of CPD activities including formal taught CPD courses, online e-learning, technical reading, research, combined with ‘on the job’ learning and experience.

ICAS CPD hours

The ICAS CPD scheme makes no distinction between structured or unstructured CPD or formal or informal CPD activities. Instead, the individual member is free to judge what learning they require and choose the medium best suited to their own training needs.  ICAS’ role is to check that a member has provided evidence that they have exercised their professional judgement and undertaken a process to determine and fill “knowledge gaps”.  ICAS expects to see each member reflecting on their learning needs, recording the range of CPD activities undertaken, together with the member’s reflections on the learning outcomes achieved.

CPD requirements for professions

To return to details of professional training course requirements please see our section on CPD, which deals with requirements for accounting (ICAS, CIMA, CIPFA and ACCA CPD)  as well as law CPD.

Free CPD course training

Financial Training Associates makes a certain proportion of course material available without charge online. You can access free CPD training material online here: free training.