Private equity course

  • Course background – private equity
    • Where do private equity firms get their money from?
    • Investment time frames and hurdles
    • How are investors rewarded?
    • How is success measured?
    • De-mystifying jargon
Exercise – the power of leverage.   Course delegates look at how private equity firms measure returns and consider the exact impact when leverage increases just slightly.
  • Structuring a private equity buy out
    • Senior debt
    • Mezzanine finance
    • Institutional equity
    • Vendor notes
    • Management equity
Exercise – sources and uses.  Course delegates build up a deal structure (sources and uses) for a real deal.
  • Pricing a private equity buy out
    • Valuation of target company
    • Debt considerations
    • Use of P/E ratios
    • Private equity’s IRR
Exercise – valuation case study.  Course delegates look at a case study.  How much might management be able to pay for this business?
  • Achieving a successful private equity buy-out
    • Determining debt capacity
    • Negotiating equity stakes – management’s “Envy Ratio”
    • Key criteria for success
    • Due diligence considerations
Exercise – structuring equity.  Course delegates look more closely at their case study.   What equity stake might it seem reasonable for management to demand?
  • Legal considerations
    • Key documents
    • Acquisition of the target
    • Key protections for private equity
    • What if the business struggles?
    • How is the decision made to exit?
    • What if a key manager leaves?
    • When is a minority stake not a minority stake?
    • Debt facilities
  • Achieving exit
    • Trade sale vs. flotation
    • Secondary buy-outs vs. recapitalisation
Case study – exits.  Course delegates look at a real private equity deal.  What are the exit options for this business?   What would they recommend if they were the private equity board member?  In real-life, what actually happened?
  • Course conclusion
    • How private equity buy outs work
    • How deals are structured
    • Risks and rewards to different parties
    • What investors are looking for and how they can best get it

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