Commercial awareness

This CPD course, as its principal objective, aims to improve financial and commercial awareness for corporate legal staff.

The course combines popular elements of other FTA Ltd CPD courses. It focuses on the areas where finance and and accounting are most likely to influence commercial negotiations and, ultimately, legal drafting. Topics covered include “the importance of financial statements”, “earn outs”, “how clients value businesses”, “debt free cash free”, “enterprise value”, “the impact of working capital”, “completion accounts” and “locked box completion mechanisms”.

The course is conducted in a work shop format, with the emphasis on “learning by doing”. Much of the learning occurs in exercises and group discussion where participants are encouraged to share experiences, apply knowledge and bench mark best practice across the firm. Although grounded in accounting and financial theory, the focus of the programme is on the practical and pragmatic application of concepts to real-life situations.

Key learning points are illustrated using real case studies and extracts from real documentation, helping ensure that learning can be directly and immediately applied to delegates’ day to day work.

Detailed case study work: much of delegates’ learning occurs when they work in groups to discuss and apply what they are learning to the kinds of situations they are likely to encounter in their day to day work.

Commercial awareness CPD course outline

For full details of this CPD program, please see our commercial awareness course outline.