Deal processes

This CPD course helps participants get on the front foot with negotiations around key financial and commercial issues in corporate finance deal processes. The course is delivered in a participative format, encouraged through group work and regular case study exercises.

The course “walks through” a typical transaction and its key documents. As part of the course, participants are given a number of opportunities to critique and analyse high-level commercial and financial issues, based on real-life scenarios and documents prepared by top transaction advisors.

This CPD course is designed for advisers who find themselves being asked to provide specific input as part of a client’s sale or acquisition process, finance specialists who have some experience in corporate transactions and would like to broaden their knowledge further, lawyers who would like to be better equipped to meet their clients’ commercial objectives, and principals or business owners who would like to understand what their advisors are (or should be!) doing for them.

“Deal processes” CPD course outline

For full details of this CPD program, please see the outline for our deal processes course.