Company valuation

This CPD course is designed for staff who would like to understand what clients are doing to evaluate potential investments prior to approaching the firm for advice.

The course provides participants with a comprehensive review of company valuation, the main techniques and their inter-relationships. During this course participants will value a variety of target companies. The course will be punctuated with detailed case work and exercises, frequent opportunity for discussion as well as “hands on” application of the principles introduced on the course.

Although grounded in sound financial theory, the emphasis here is on “workshop style” teaching with pragmatic application to real life situations. For example, as part of their work, delegates work in teams to critique and suggest improvements to valuation work conducted by major investment banks.

Much of this course is conducted as a workshop where delegates work to value a target business of their choice – starting only with a set of publicly available accounts they have brought to class. During the programme delegates:

  • Determine comparable businesses that might form part of the target’s peer group and where they could source information relating to those other businesses
  • Using publicly available data, calculate an appropriate series of valuation multiples for the target business
  • Value a target business.

Valuation CPD course outline

For full details of this CPD program, please see the outline for our company valuation course.