Financial Training
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Tiny class sizes

We train in microscopic class sizes.

If you take a course with us we’ll commit that you won’t find more than five other people attending the programme alongside you.

That guarantees personal attention.

We take a long-term view

We think you’ll struggle to find another training company to commit to that for you. Limiting class sizes limits course profitability. It’s too tempting for another training provider to shove a few more people on a course at the last minute (more people = more £££).

We hate course stuffing

We appreciate that a very small class size transforms the learning experience. We’ve worked out that it’s no good being the same as everyone else – that’s never a recipe for continuing success. We refuse to be greedy. We’re not taking a short term approach to business here and we positively refuse to engage in ‘course stuffing’ (we’ve all seen it before elsewhere and we really really hate it).

Maximum class size = 6

So if you take one of our financial training courses you’ll receive training from a company that dares to be different (in a good way).

We guarantee that you’ll find yourself working in a maximum class size of six.