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Here you can read about some of the topics we love to write about, like financial modelling.

You can also hear from some the Excel warriors we’ve spoken to about their work at the gritty coal face of financial modelling.

Amalgamating data in Excel

Imagine you had a monthly or quarterly model with lots of columns and you wanted to produce sub-totals for each year. The wrong thing to do would be to insert individual sum functions as sub-totals. Then you'd lose the ability to work quickly by filling from left to...

Unleash the power of Excel with VBA macros

Here you can see the reviews a team from an international asset management company (based in the West End of London) gave the VBA macros course. Finance staff found themselves continuously having to rearrange source spreadsheets to fit internal reporting demands. We...

Our project finance course scores 95.5% from Deutsche bank

Here you can see all the feedback that the team from Deutsche Bank's London office recently gave our project finance course: The feedback scores came in at a stunning 95.5% (we're sure - we put a spreadsheet together).Here you can read more of...

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