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1-2-1 training

Small class size is our big thing – we’re switched on to the benefits of that. Taking that line of thinking to its logical conclusion, we’ve decided to offer one to one coaching for the ultimate in personal attention. Feedback from other course delegates who have...

Excel’s XNPV function

XNPV works a little bit like XIRR. The formula requires you to assign dates to cash flows. It’s easy to use. The benefit of Excel’s XNPV function Excel’s XNPV function is immediately attractive. Unlike the NPV function, XNPV will not discount the...


Newsfeed was last modified: September 30th, 2014 by Lois Robinson

Financial training course reviews

Our financial training courses are taught in very small groups by expert and accomplished trainers. Our training courses consistently get great feedback. All feedback from our recent financial training can be accessed by selecting each of the course review forms. No...


Private equity firms: where do they get their money? Training course provider: All right, one of the other things on our list was – when we’re looking at private equity, whose money is it? There’s a slide in your pack – don’t look at it. Whose… whose money are...
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