Private equity modelling

On a private equity Excel modelling course delegates practise pulling all the levers, optimising equity returns and competing in teams to produce the ‘best’ deal.

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Project finance training course

This training course provides delegates with a highly practical guide to the strategies, methodologies and structuring techniques used in project finance.The course examines the different approaches taken for the financing of infrastructure such as toll roads and...

Merger and acquisition course

This course equips participants for analysing, valuing and modelling complicated transactions such as mergers, acquisitions or LBOs (leveraged buyouts). The course improves participants’ understanding of the attractions and risks of mergers, acquisitions and levered...

Free online course

Free online course training We make small extracts from our finance course training available online free of charge. Most professionals who are in legal, accounting or other professional practice are required to complete a minimum number of hours’ CPD (Continuing...
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