Private equity course

On Financial Training Associates’ private equity course delegates find out how deals work: how someone might ‘win’ or ‘lose’ from a deal.

Course delegates practise building their own deal, assembling and discussing the components without getting bogged down in large Excel models.

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Valuation – an answer

There is room for lots of debate on valuation here – so no “right” answer! If we worked on say a valuation of 6.5 x EBITDA, 6.5 x 2.0 EBITDA = 13.0 Enterprise value = 6.5 x 2 = 13.0 Price paid for shares = enterprise value minus debt plus surplus cash Price paid for...

Valuation modelling

Management have provided you with some information regarding the business (see the tables below).  They have told you who the competing bidders are, and you have pulled some valuation statistics for those bidders. What are you going to put in the first few boxes for...

LBO modelling course case study

Imagine that you have just been on an LBO modelling course and set up a firm providing corporate finance advice. Your firm has been approached by a management team who think they may have the opportunity to purchase the business they run. You have been given some...

Finance markets course

Financial markets have been in a state of flux.  Who has been involved?  What have been the roles of key institutions?  Who has won?  Who has lost?  What are the implications right now? Our banking training courses provide an opportunity to understand exactly what key...
Private equity

Private equity

Private equity IntroMethodOutcomesOutlineReviews This training course unpacks private equity and management/ leveraged buyouts (MBO/ LBOs). The course is designed for staff for example working with corporate finance advisors, banks or private equity firms. During the...
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