What might you and James Bond have in common?

We always use high-spec commercial training facilities for our courses. Venues are always in central London, but differ from time to time depending on the exact number of course delegates (finalised shortly before training) and venue availability.

One of the venues we regularly use is also used by surrounding banks such as JP Morgan and RBS. Oh, and it was also used in the James Bond movie Skyfall. Yes – it’s true: http://www.broadgate.co.uk/News/Detail/22. In the movie there’s a scene where James Bond pulls up (on the right hand side of the road) in front of a tower in Shanghai. He sprints up the blue and green lit escalators. Carefully avoiding the villain but catching a ride by jumping up and hanging on the underside of the lift as it hurtles up to something like the 60th floor. While there, he witnesses the villain assassinate someone across in the opposite tower.

Some facts.

The tower used is the Broadgate Tower, one of our regular training venues, and it’s amazing what they can do with computer graphics. It’s not in Shanghai, it’s in central London, very near Liverpool Street station. And it’s tall, but nowhere near the height shown in the movie. Also, it’s not recommended that you grab the underside of the lift for your ride to work (in fact you can’t – it’s impossible). Those computer graphics guys have a lot to answer for: brilliant!

Course training venue

Please relax though. We’ve never seen any sign of an assassination attempt while working at Broadgate. Whether you’re in the Broadgate Tower or another similar standard venue, you’ll always be based in high-spec specialised space when training with us.

Scene from broadgate tower financial training course venue